FIVE-R ASSOCIATES is the part of a group of innovative companies in Telecommunications, Textile manufacturing, Inspections, merchandising and consulting/contracting. We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity.

Core services of Five-R Associates can be divided into four categories:

  • X-ray Scanning: Distributors for world famous Nuctech, Beijing
  • E-waste Management: Support services and consultancy
  • Power Producers: Consulting for Technical and Financial services
  • Telecommunications: IGW-International Gateway
  • Specialized Projects Implementation

We are constantly looking beyond customers’ and society expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed. As the leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve productivity and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability.

Integrity lies at the heart of FIVE-R ASSOCIATES. The trust that we inspire in our customers and stakeholders is the key to our success as an organization and as individuals. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional behavior FIVE-R ASSOCIATES is committed to a culture where issues of integrity and professional ethics can be raised and discussed openly. FIVE-R ASSOCIATES’s culture of integrity rests on certain key principles that are shared throughout the Group. These principles are cornerstones of FIVE-R ASSOCIATES brand and business

We aim to be the most competitive and the most productive service organization in the Country. Our core competencies are being continuously improved to be best-in-class. They are the heart of what we are. Our chosen markets will be solely determined by our ability to be the most competitive and to consistently deliver unequalled service to our customers all over the world.