CX6040BI X-ray Inspection System


Product Overviews:
CX6040BI – It is the most widely used x-ray inspection system for screening carry-on baggage.Coming from the best proven CX series products platform, the CX6040BI features unsuppressed image performance, ergonomic user interface, advanced imaging enhancing algorithms, powerful functions and network applications, and high reliability and safety.


Technical Features:

  • Excellent image performance and objects identification capability
  • Smart image geometry correction algorithm is applied to reduce object distortion in x-ray images for better identification
  • Passed TSA Qualified Certificate (Air Cargo Screening Technology List)
  • Passed CAAC Certificate


General Specifications
Tunnel Dimensions 606mm(W) × 420mm(H)
Load Capacity 160Kg
Installation Data
Dimensions 2042mm(L) ×850mm(W) ×1300mm(H)
Weight 500Kg
Power Consumption 0.6kVA