Relocatable Container/Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECHTM FG Series is the most powerful X-ray inspection system in the NUCTECH product family. With the 9MeV electron linear accelerator, FG series is used for non-intrusion inspection of container/vehicle including fully loaded trucks and containers, and especially aimed to prevent smugglers and terrorists from illicit operations at seaports and border crossings.

As the whole system is permanently installed on a dedicated site, FG series can provide comfortable working environment. The innovative conveyor system makes the throughput higher. Due to the Interlaced Dual Energy (IDE) technology, the system acquires the material discrimination ability.


Technical Features

  • Perfect large-scale stationary X-ray inspection system for non-intrusion inspection of container/vehicle at seaports, border crossings and airports
  • Throughput up to 30 units/hr with the optimal conveyor subsystem
  • State-of-the-art technology for excellent image quality and high penetration
  • High performance system with comfortable working environment
  • Customized hardware and software according to the customers’ requirement
  • Advanced Interlaced Dual Energy (IDE) technology for material discrimination

Product Model
FG9056  FG9330  FG9000DE